What Made My Weekend

Banana Bread. Some bananas were starting to turn brown so my boyfriend mixed them together with a few other cooking ingredients to create some banana bread for us to enjoy. It was a delicious way to use up the last of the bananas.Lootcrate

Loot Crate. For Valentine’s day my boyfriend got me my first Lootcrate which was themed PLAY. We got a lot of cool things to literally play with from this months crate. A mini munny that we could draw on was just one of the cool things that came in this crate. Knowing that this crate was coming this past month was oddly uplifting because I knew at the end of the month something cool would happen. Next month’s theme is Covert! With a lot of spy gear and toys that are apparently coming in the box.

Java Monster. I convinced myself Saturday to buy a Monster to get some energy to finish a few school projects. (College has been very rough this semester, but it is my senior year, so it’s kinda expected.) I tried one of the Java Monsters and found it to taste a lot like a store-bought Starbucks drink. It was delicious. I ended up staying up really late and got a lot of work done.

How was your weekend?


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