What Made My Weekend

Coffee. I have been getting this almost nonstop the past couple of days. I know that it’s probably bad for me to be drinking this much, but I have so much that I want to get done, and not enough time!

Studying. What? This is one of my simple pleasures of the weekend? Why? Surprisingly enough, I enjoy learning. Maybe not at the quick pace that college classes try to teach you, but still. I got to catch up on some of my classes, and that really helped to put me in a good mood this weekend.

Winter’s Tale. I had a friend who kept telling me that I would love this movie. This weekend he finally convinced me, and wow. It was like a modern fantasy. Not like the movie Penelope (the movie about a girl cursed to look like a pig), but one that has real life problems in it. Well, Penelope had them too, but not to this extreme. I honestly enjoy both of these movies for different reasons. Anyways, I recommend this to anyone who loves a good heartfelt movie, or wants to see Will Smith play as Lucifer. (The link of the photo is to the IMDb if you want more information.)

How was your weekend? I hope the rest of the week brings positivity to you!


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