Drawing Plushie Designs

Hello bloggers and blog readers! Hope your week has started off great!

Now that the spring semester is done I have a couple of months of just working in my research lab and no studying! I hope to progress in improving my skills of crafting and fabrication during these future weeks, but only time will tell! Over these past few months I have been thinking up ideas for new mythical creatures to transform into plushies. Today I wanted to show you the “rough draft” of my favorite of this collection.

Rough Draft Griffin

The griffin has always held a special place in my heart. I love the idea of such hybrid animals living in the wild, even if it isn’t logical. Honestly, if there were such creature they would not be so highly separated into each animal it seems to take its traits from. A great example is the platypus, which is so adorable!

Close up GriffinΒ Baby Griffin

As far as my griffin plushie goes, I cannot decide which of these designs I like better. I think the main difference is the wing’s size. Which design do you prefer?


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