New Posting Day: Short Story Session and Other Writings

I’ve been working on this blog for almost a year now. It doesn’t feel like it has been that long. I still remember like it was yesterday when I finally got the courage to post my first craft. Man how times flies.

A few months ago I tried creating a third posting day called What Made My Weekend (the link is to the first one if you want to check them out). I ended it since I felt that my personal instagram did the same thing this blog post was doing. However, I miss that third posting day, so I’m starting up a new one. This time on Friday. These posts are geared towards random tips and tricks I’ve learned as well as little short stories to help improve my writing skills.

This is also being done so my blog is not totally filled with Sentinels stuff. I love the game, obviously a lot, but I know that cosplaying and card games are not the reason I created this blog. I made it to improve my skills in crafting, fabrication, art, and writing. So this new post section will hopefully help improve my writing skills.

If there are any writing prompts you would like to see me write about, comment below or e-mail me at


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