Why I’m Addicted to Boardgames

I noticed that in the past couple of months I have been talking almost nonstop about tabletop games. Today is the day I finally explain my addiction to them, and how I got into playing board games in the first place.

When I was little, my family would try to have a family game night. We had a crazy collection of games, including of course Monopoly, the Pokemon game (I wish I still had this one), Uno, and many more. My favorite game was a tie between Pokemon and Monopoly. Every chance I got I would play these. The game night soon stopped though after I got into marching band, and starting going to high school.

I would still play tabletop games with our friends in high school, but they were the party games like Quelf and Cards Against Humanity. But even that would happen only a every once in a blue moon.

Then I got into college. My first semester I met the man of my dreams. One of our friends introduced him to a new card game, called Sentinels of the Multiverse. (Bet you haven’t heard that name before 😉 ) My boyfriend got excited and went on to show it to me the next weekend they got together to play it. I never thought that there could be more types of games than the ones I played as a child. It opened me up to the tabletop world as it is today.

What made these games so awesome to me? A lot of today’s world is wrapped around electronics. I know I’m addicted to reading about other people’s journey through this crazy world we live in. But tabletop games give me a chance to really connect with people. We all get together, and share experiences and make special connections. We learn more about each other by seeing how we react to certain situations. I love that about tabletop games.

It also gives me a break from the stress of everyday life. It is an excuse to get together with friends and hang out till 4 in the morning. Tabletop games also have a great community. The majority of them are just excited to play games with others who enjoy the hobby.

Haha, so yeah. That’s why I love tabletop games. I hope you all enjoyed this little ramble about my addiction. If you have any thoughts or questions about tabletop games or such, comment below. May you all have a great weekend!


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