The Advice that Change My Life

Advice is always given. Sometimes we don’t want to hear it. Other times, it’s just what we need.

One piece of advice that has resonated with me is “you have to start at the bottom to work you’re way up.” Or at least it was something along those lines. I was driving home for a weekend break from college life when my dad told me this.

My dad, well, he cracks jokes, usually “bad” dad jokes that I get a kick out of. He is always joking around, but this, this piece of advice really struck home. I learned so much about my dad in that one phrase. It was the moment that I knew that he saw me as no longer a kid, but an adult trying to find her way.

My Dad's Advice

When I was feeling useless, and lost because my adviser had just given me the hard truth that I would never see vet school with the GPA I had. He made me realize that I could still be someone who could help improve the world. It just wouldn’t be the exact path I dreamed of since I was 3…

This piece of advice led me down the path of creating this blog, and a year later starting to make YouTube videos based off a collection of my favorite hobbies.

This piece of advice got me to move up my science career path (though I’m keeping the details secret…) and find enjoyment in what I do.

You’re not going to immediately get that dream job. You have to work for it. Because the truth is that when you’re just starting out, you’re not going to know much. But taking that first step will help you know if that’s path right for you.


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