Hello 2019; Looking Back to Plan Forward

It’s a new year, which means new goals and new projects! And today I would like to look back at 2018 to plan some loose goals for 2019.

Art summaries are a nice way to see how far I have come, and where I want to go. I think it’s fun to share the highlights from each month from the past year. I guess you can do this with about any project you’re working on, in some way similar to this, though I’ve only ever done it with art…

Though some are not fans of looking back, I like it. It is a nice way to access yourself and see where you have room for improvement. Though you should only really do this once in a blue moon, or you know, at the beginning of a new year, that way you’re not always looking back but move forward. Cause life is always changing, and that means we have a chance to add more positive moments and improvement into our lives.

During 2018, I learned a lot about art, but I felt like I got so focused on it I forgot to do the other parts of life that I enjoy doing. Like blog posts, and creating pieces from your imagination! And I want to get better about that. I just forgot all other goals other than improving my art last year.

I want to use this moment of looking back to decide what goals I want to persuade in the future. Mainly cause I see them as a way to remind myself of how I was feeling in this moment. It helps me focus on what is important, and not get lost in the chaos of everyday obstacles.

In the past I’ve made goals that are based on weird rules…and this year is no different. Though these are more simple. I’ve decided to try to make goals based on what we can control. Things that I know as long as I plan accordingly, will get done. They might be a challenge, but I think that’s half the fun!

So here are my art goals for this year:

  • Do an Art Study Each Week.
  • Do Some Art Fairs!
  • Create An Art Print Series.
  • Be Consistent with My Content.
  • Create A Coloring Book Zine.

I think that if I work on these throughout the year I will feel like it’s been a successful one.

Which leads me to ask, what goals do you have for yourself this year? How did you plan your goals? And which month was your favorite from my 2018 art summary?

Until Next Time,

Jessi, the ArtsyRobotz

A quick shout-out to my Patrons for their support! Join the community as we launch into these goals!

P.S. Over on my Patreon, I incorporated some of these goals into the rewards for supporting me. That’s because I think it’s a nice way for us to work together to create some cool things! Even if you’re following me over there, you’ll get to see more of the behind the scenes content as it happens, as to here where I edit it down into a post. Plus, you’ll get early access to some of the coloring pages from the zine early if you’re a patron as well!(Though I’m still trying to decide which one to start on first cause I have a couple ideas and don’t know which one to begin!)


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