A Love for Science-The Other Side of ArtsyRobot

I love crafting and creating art. This can probably be guessed from my last few posts, and the fact that this blog was created just to help me improve my skills in these areas. Crafting is a great way to show off the stuff you care about and your personality. For example, from my recent art post you can tell assume that I like Marvel, Disney, Simon’s Cat, and colors. From my craft post you can assume that I like Pokemon and organization. My friends would tell you that your assumptions are correct, except for the organization bit. I am still working on that.

The one thing you can not tell from these posts though was that in between creating them I was studying for my classes. Which topic? Science. Yep. I love exploring the unknown. I love all the knowledge that has been gathered to help us as humans to advance in technology.

The specific field I study in is Biology. I actually lend more towards Ecology, the study of animals interacting with each other and their surroundings. I want to help restore habitats. I want to keep the Earth as green as it can be for future generations. I am a big eco-friendly person, and I think it stemmed from my love of nature.

I also study Chemistry. There are two main divisions of chemistry: Organic and Inorganic. On the organic side of chemistry, you study the reactions of molecules that have some form of Carbon in them. In inorganic chemistry, you study everything else. I study the Organic side. It’s fascinating to me that some of these reactions happen in our body almost instantly, and we do not even notice.

What is your favorite science topic?


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