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What Made My Weekend

Cosplay Shopping. A lot of my friends love to make cosplays. Some of us decided to get together and go shopping around town to see if we could find any tools or fabrics we could use for some of our ideas. My friends ended up collecting a lot of stuff they could use. I only found stuff that will help me in my future crafts. 😉

Big Hero 6. I am a big fan of this movie, and have even created fanart of it. Surprisingly, I’ve only watched it once! Until this weekend. I got to watch this movie again and it was as beautiful as I remembered it.

New Boardgames! This past Friday a few new games got introduced to my tabletop crew. Some of the games were Snake Oil and Bang! the Dice Game. It was a blast learning these new party games!

Hope you lovely bloggers and blog readers have a great week ahead for you!