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A Way to Show off Pins

One thing I’ve noticed from going to the few conventions that I have, is that there are a lot of pins that are given out. I have always collected pins, so this was exciting for me. When I got a new one I would stick it to my favorite backpack. Eventually though, some of these pins became special. If they got knocked off I would search for hours trying to find the little thing.

Backpack pins

So this year, I had to celebrate Christmas early with my parents. And my mom got me the perfect fix to my problem. It was a frame with some burlap in the center. She swears that I was eyeing this a couple months back when we were in Burkes Outlet (I think that was the store). She said that I had big plans for it, so she got it for me. I guess too much time has past since then since I don’t remember those plans.

Which is probably a good thing because I thought of a new one. Well, my fiance did, but I was thinking it at the same time! He just said it first…We decided to use the little frame as a way to show off all those pins that we’ve collected over the past few years. I am sure that our collection will grow too big for this, but until then, it’s perfect!

Front view
(Sorry, the sun was behind me so I couldn’t get my shadow out of the way!)

Okay, okay. I realize that this was store bought and not a craft. But maybe this little fix will help you think of creative ways to show off your pin collection!

Do you already have a way to show off your little treasures? Comment below with your creative fixes!

Thank you guys for reading, and hope y’all have a great rest of the week!


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