5 Inspiring Instagram Artists

Today I want do something a little different than my usual blog posts. In the spirit of sharing some love, I wanted to share a collection of artists that inspire me every time I get on Instagram. (Please note that I will be referring to these artists by their Instagram names.)


Her favorite art media is a mixture of pencil and digital, and her drawing subjects are mainly humans. This includes everything from fellow instagrammers to characters from her favorite series at the moment. She inspires me to try to create my own style because whenever you look at her creations you immediately know it’s her work.



This Instagram artist creations are always colorful and very adorable, which are a nice lift-me-up after a long day. Most of her artwork is created with woodcuts and hand painted by her. To say the least, her pun game is out of this world. Jesiiii inspires me to always create artwork that brings a smile to my face.


Not all artists work with paintbrushes, and this lovely is a prime example of that. Her cross stitch game is amazing, and definitely worth looking at if you ever get the chance. I don’t think that I will ever be able to get into cross stitching myself, but I have a lot of respect to those who can. Craftinggeek inspires me to be patient on my projects, because the end results will be worth it.


With her main art media being bright watercolors, this Instagrammer creates beautiful artworks of loved characters from a multitude of fandoms. Littlegeekyfanart inspires me want to improve my skills with watercolors to get to this level.


This lovelies artwork is always whimsical. I believe she uses pen to create her artwork, but I might be wrong on that…what’s important is that her artwork is another one that stands out for me as fun and adorable that cannot be mistaken when seen. She inspires me to always have fun with my creations.

These beautiful artists are just the tip of the iceberg of all the artists I adore. Pretty much anyone I follow with my Instagram account inspires me. But if you have an Instagram account, I highly suggest checking these five out.

(Please Note that this is just me fangirling and wanting to share some love. I was not asked to create this post.)


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