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How I Made My First Zine!

Recently I’ve been filling uninspired. I have a lot of ideas of stuff I want to create, but I can’t find motivation to get started on it. So I started watching YouTube videos, hoping to find motivation there, and someone mentioned a site called SkillShare. Of course I looked it up, sign up to it, and found my first class. It was one to create my own zine. The results are below.



Pretty cool, right?! And it only took about an hour to create!

Anyways, I am not as great of a teacher as the person who taught this was, but to say the least, she’s inspired me. A lot. I already have a couple of ideas for some more zines I want to create, most involving scientific facts. (My favorite subject!)

So, long story short, if you would like to learn how to create your own zine and other fun projects, you might want to check the site out. Another perk too is that it only costs $1 to try the premium classes out for 3 months. Which unfortunately this was one of those premium classes. With that being said, this class had a lot of fantastic information that is definitely worth more than a $1. And you can easily cancel it if you don’t like it.

If you would like to check out this class, click this link to get started –>

Be warned, that this post is being made after I’ve only taken a couple of classes, however with the price tag of a Netflix description, this site is worth it. It’s very informative and I think worth checking out if you want help on creating crafts, art, films, businesses, etc. Of course that’s just my own opinion.

Thank you guys for reading, and I hope you have happy holidays!


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