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These Puns Are Unbearable! (A.K.A. My Recent Collection of Pun-tastic Illustrations)

Hahahaha, see what I did there?

For this past month I’ve been working on a collection of pun-filled illustrations inspired by combining words with animals.

This prompt series originally started as Inktober ended. I loved the idea of continuing the prompt fun on Instagram. With a story poll between fan art and puns, well, puns won! (Much to my delight!)

Don’t get me wrong, I love fan art. Heck, my love for creating art got reignited thanks to fan art! But there’s something fun about puns. I can’t help but smile when I scroll through my favorite corners of the internet and see one. And with all the…craziness these past few weeks has thrown, I think we all need a little bit of positive vibes. Or at least some fun sassy ones.

What’s your favorite pun? Let me know in the comments below!

If you would like to have these in your daily lives, a few of these designs have been added into my online shops! And what with all the sales happening this time of year, it’s worth getting a little something for yourself or loved one that will bring some humor into our daily lives.

(Also, if there is a pun you’d like to see in the shop that’s not there yet let me know!)

Until Next Year,

Jessi, the ArtsyRobotz


1 thought on “These Puns Are Unbearable! (A.K.A. My Recent Collection of Pun-tastic Illustrations)”

  1. I think Hawkward was probably my favourite. Here are some other suggested puns for you, if you like. OrKestrel Interlude, Fowl Play, Loan Shark. That’s all I got just now. Have a merry christmas and happy new year


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