How ArtsyRobotz Came To Be || March Meet The Maker Day 1

Like a good superhero story, every brand has an origin. Usually it starts with a moment. One spark that ignites the idea and catalysts it into being.

Once upon a time, I worked in a science lab. I thought I’d be a biochemist until retirement. But soon the rose colored glasses of college were taken off where all career paths are possible and realized that if I followed this path, I would be working for large companies. I didn’t like that potential.

That spark of truth made me take a moment to really ask myself, what type of work did I want to put out into the world? After many nights curled up in blankets, journaling and talking with friends, I found my answer. I wanted a job that helped others, that brought joy into the world, and most importantly, something that connected folks.

That’s when I remembered this blog I had created a few years ago as a creative outlet throughout my college life, filled with arts and crafts. There was spirit and heart here. And the potential to fulfill all the things I wanted out of my career. So I took a chance to see where it would grow.

And so ArtsyRobotz, the cozy fantasy artist you know today, emerged.

This post is part of the March Meet the Maker series, a prompt list created by Joanne Hawker. Click here to see the next post in the series!


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