What Made My Weekend

I am trying a new weekly blog post here on ArtsyRobot, and would love to here what you guys think about it. “What Made My Weekend” is a cute quick list of simple pleasures from over the weekend that made it special. Whether it was a new flavor of tea or a new quote that crossed my path, I want to try to start noticing the things in my life that make my days brighter.ย So now that I have ended my rambling, here are a few things that made my weekend:

Vanilla Caramel tea. It tastes like a mixture of black tea and a cappuccino when you add some creamer to it. This tea has brought a smile upon my face every time I sipped it.

Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts 2. I completed this game over the weekend. I have only recently got into this series, and slightly regret that I did not get to play it sooner. Though this game made me cry a bit, it has a lot of great uplifting moments and a lot of Disney.

Wrath of the Cosmos

Wrath of the Cosmos. There is a card game that I absolutely adore called Sentinels of the Multiverse. They have had a lot of trouble getting this expansion printed and shipped. Fortunately, the Greater than Games crew (the guys who created Sentinels of the Multiverse) just announced that the expansion is in their warehouse and will be shipped here soon. If you are wanting a new card game to play, I highly recommend looking at this cooperative hero-based game.

What made your weekend?


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