The Best Disney Crossover

Fifteen years ago, the best Disney Crossover was created. In 2002, Disney Interactive Studios and Square Enix, the creators of Final Fantasy, came together to create an alternate universe that tied all the Disney stories together called Kingdom Hearts. And it was amazing. What made this crossover so great is the fact that you, as… Continue reading The Best Disney Crossover


What Made My Weekend

I am trying a new weekly blog post here on ArtsyRobot, and would love to here what you guys think about it. "What Made My Weekend" is a cute quick list of simple pleasures from over the weekend that made it special. Whether it was a new flavor of tea or a new quote that… Continue reading What Made My Weekend


Some of My Fandoms

A fandom is a group of people who share a common interest and are sometimes willing to go to great lengths to learn every detail they can about this interest. I can say that I am in many fandoms, and have many interests that are right at the borderline of putting me in that fandom community.… Continue reading Some of My Fandoms