Decorating Clothespins

Plain ClothespinsMy boyfriend and I use clothespins to close bags of opened chips and such. Does anyone else do this?

So when I was grabbing a bag of chips I noticed how plain the clothespin look. I guess you could say they have a vintage look to them…but I had inspiration to write random inspiring thoughts and such on these clothespins. Cause it never hurts to have a little inspiration around when you’re having a bad day!

Color clothespins

I used a couple of my Micron pens to decorate the clothespins. Simple, right?

This simple project helped satisfy my need to create something. Right now I am trying to get through the week before finals week. Which means there is very little time to do anything creative for me. Thank goodness I have this blog though to have an excuse to find crafty things to do that will help me de-stress!

Words Clothespins

An easy way to geek this up is adding cute quotes from your favorite games, movies, books, etc. that are two-three words long. Like “I Love You” and “I know,” or “I AM THE LAW.” And on the back you could add some simple design inspire from where you got the quote from….hmm. I might come back to this project later to create something geeky like this.

Hope everyone has a week ahead of them, and may the Revenge of the 5th (Haha 😉 ) not bring you down.

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