Art of the Day: Colorful Jurassic

This week I re-watched Jurassic Park. I only had problems with them using frog DNA instead of bird to regenerate the dinosaurs. I mean, it makes sense to have them use the most common descendant to regenerate a fossilized species, right? The only reason they used frog DNA was for, SPOILERS AHEAD, the dinosaurs to change sex later on so they can breed out of captivity. (Okay, end of the spoilers.) Once I got past that, I was very happy with the movie.Ankylosaurus Watercolor

I then went on to watch the second and third Jurassic movies for the first time. I really enjoy this series all in all, even though it sometimes feel like the series was only created to have people be killed by dinosaurs. When I found that this was actually a book series, I freaked out. The saying goes that “the book is always better the movie,” and so I really want to get a hold of a set of them to read.

This week I decided to practice my watercolor skills by creating this colorful Ankylosaurus. I did not realize until I posted it that I forgot some spikes on it’s back. Of course the dinosaur is not depicted with these colors, but as you guys probably have realized by now, I love colorful things. So I decided to have fun with coloring the ankylosaurus to look like this. Why? More like why not?


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