The Making of Hidden Role Cupcakes

Y’all, I created my first YouTube video! How cool is that?!

Okay, maybe not that cool. It’s me talking about making cupcakes. But! They’re cupcakes that give you an excuse to play with your food! That’s kinda neat.

This was the first video that I ever created. Well, helped. I’ve been in my friend’s videos, but now I’m realizing that just being an actor in a video is not the same as directing it. Before filming could even begin, I had to write a “script,” which was more like a list of bullet points, make a list of the shots to be filmed, and make sure that we had time to film it all while studying for classes.

I ended up having a great little support team helping me. I had my friend who is about to graduate with a film makers degree that was behind the camera, helping me get the perfect shots. My fiance was holding the boom stick (or the audio) for most of the video, and a couple other friends were there giving me moral support.

I realized about halfway through creating this, I get stage fright. I mean, I’m talking to a camera, but I was so afraid of how everyone was going to think of me that I started stuttering. What if I got my line wrong? What if I cuss and we miss it? What if, what if, what if? The thing that got me through this was a Redbull. It was filming the last few scenes that I started to feel calm.


This video was put into a segment of The Dice Tower’s Board Game Blender, and I’m really excited and overwhelmed that they were willing to let me join their crew for this. I started my own YouTube channel to post the Boards and Crafts segment separate, but I’m starting to think that if I want this to succeed, I need to make more videos of random stuff. I’m not really for certain where I’m going to go with this idea, but I’m thinking of making it a Youtube channel inspired from games, for games, and all about board games. (Ha, see what I did there?) So everything from how I got into board games, to the culture of board game cafes and conventions, to me reviewing games that are in my collection. Maybe a few skits of b-movie like trailers based on board games?

When it comes down to it, this is a new adventure for me. If you would like for me to continue writing about the making of my future videos, comment below or like this post please.

Thank you all for reading, and may you have a great weekend!


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