Playing with Mixed Media

Hey guys! How was your weekend?

Mine was filled with visiting family, drawing for Secret Santa, and stayed up all-night Sunday to finish some homework.

I’m really excited about Secret Santa though. I can’t decide if I want to just buy something for them, or use my creative skills to craft up something. I have until Dec. 15th to figure it out, so I need to decide on this soon!

Anyways, back to today’s post, I decided to try something different. Below are some pictures of my drawing before and after Manga Studio.

Just using a Micron pen, pencil, and a regular black pen.

Have you noticed that I love drawing girls with wavy hair? I need to work on drawing up some variety. That’s not really what was different about today. For this, I used micron pens, a regular pen, pencil, and Manga studio to create it.

Gem Girl
After Manga Studio!

It took a lot less time to do this style than it usually does for me, about 2 hours total, so I am really taking a liking to this way.

Thanks you guys for reading, and I hope the rest of your week is awesome!


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