Argent Adept Rocking Out

About a year ago I started a pet project on the Sentinels of the Multiverse forums of creating fan art inspired by the creativity of the forum-ites who were game to see my take on their ideas. Below is the latest one I’ve completed.

Argent Adept Rocking Out

This version of Argent Adept is a title in the title deck of Kaargra Warfang, a villian who runs an intergalactic Colosseum. One of the forum-ites thought it would be fun to see him rocking on an electric guitar, but I ended up taking my own twist on it with him using his classic instrument (mainly because I’m horrible and forgot that it was suppose to be an electric guitar….my bad.) Anyways, I hope he likes how it turned out, even if it’s a little different then what he was imagining….

I’ll probably end up drawing a new version of this, mainly because I feel bad for not fully doing what he had imagined, but also because this version of Argent is fun to draw. 🙂

Thank you all for reading, and I hope your weekend is awesome!


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