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Invader Zim Is Coming Back!

Back in 2001 Nickelodeon ran a series about an alien who came to Earth with his robot to invade and conquer. This show, called Invader Zim, had an art style slightly similar to Tim Burton but still its own thing, and a plot as fun and chaotic as you would expect from Nick. Most episodes are all about the antics of Zim and his friends. My favorite of the group was Gir, the silly robot that joined him in most of his adventures.

So why am I bringing up such an old TV show? Well, Nick recently announced that it’ll be coming back for another season.

And I couldn’t be happier. The characters are so goofy and the story crazy fun that I had to celebrate the return of the series with some fan art.

The piece below was done on 5×7 inch mixed media paper with water diluted acrylic paint and a Fiber-Castell PITT artist brush pen. I lost tract of the time as I got into the zone for this piece, but it might have been two hours of work from start to finish.


Looking at it now, I think I might add some waffles to this art piece after I get done with this post. It just doesn’t feel right to have Gir leaping in joy about waffles without them around him. Ya know?

Anyways, I’m hoping the soon-ish turns to an actual date in the upcoming weeks for the show!

Thank you guys for reading and I hope you have a great day!



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