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Work In Progress: Alavara Draxid, the Sun Elf Sorcereress

A couple of years ago my fiance and I started hearing about the 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons (also known as D&D 5e). As soon as I saw the character sheet for it, I was excited to play. It reminded me of the World of Darkness system for keeping track of your statistics, which was a role play system I had used before.

The past few D&D editions had a handful of sheets you needed to use a character, which was honestly discouraging when you didn’t know the first thing about role-playing but wanted to. This one, however, had one main sheet to be used in the campaign, with additional sheets to keep up with your supplies and spell list. This made it easier to transition into the D&D world as a player.

It can be easily said that I am now an avid fan of D&D 5e. I’ve made a handful of played characters in this system, and a collection of concepts that sit on the back burner for when I need them. In the past, I would only share the artwork I created for these characters on my Instagram, and never really shared them on here.

Though I’m still working on the final draft of her avatar, I wanted to share some sketches I’ve created to help me form a concept for my new character for our next campaign.

The Story of Alavara Draxid

A Sun Elf Sorceress from the noble house of Draxid, Alavara grew up secluded from the world. Her family owned a large plot of land on the SwordCoast, but gained their reputation for being able to perform great divination spells. Or in other words, they would help those who wanted their future predicted.

Alavara after learning she’ll no longer be the House Mage Apprentice.

Alavara was training to be the next House Mage. However, she learned years into her training that she was no longer needed and they took her title of House Mage Apprentice. The rough sketch above is Alavara contemplating after her loss of title.

Portrait of Alavara Draxid, the House Mage Assistant of the House of Draxid

Like most noble folk, she has a collection of family problems. However, this doesn’t stop her from having a positive attitude most of the time. Being a sorceress, she still has the ability to practice her skills on her own. So all those years of practicing aren’t really wasted…right?

That’s the simple version of her backstory before entering the campaign. Maybe when I share the final version of her I’ll post the full backstory of her. What do you think?


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