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FanArt Friday: Candle Knight

During my Bachelorette Party, my maid of honor brought up a podcast she thought I would love. We listened to a couple of episodes, and I got hooked. This podcast was created as an answer column for the modern era. The brothers jokes can be crude, so this is not for everyone. But they joke off one another, and create fun ideas that pop into my head that I want to draw. Like the art piece of today’s blog.

Around episode 36, someone asked them a question of how to decorate for a divorce party. This started them off on a tangent and finally got to a point that someone had mentioned the phrase, “Candle Knight.” Which started me daydreaming about what a Shovel Knight character based off this phrase would look like. A couple of days later I used this as a warm-up sketch, and decided that I wanted to finish the piece completely. This is the rough sketch:

Candle Knight Rough Sketch


I did not trust my sketch pad to be able to hold ink well, and I wanted to do some experiments with my coloring technique. It took about 4 hours to create the piece below.

Candle Knight

There are still things that I see in this piece that could be touched up, but I’m pretty happy with the process I used to create this! Below is a basic outline of each step I used.


Candle Knight-Progress Gif

First was a rough outline, created base solid colors, then shaded the piece, and finished it by adding color.


Thank you all for joining me this Friday as I share my fanart.

Hope you have a great weekend!


Jessi, the ArtsyRobotz

P.S. Fun fact! This pass weekend, my parents offered to let me have one of their desktops to bring back with me to Texas after my wedding. So I’m back to having a computer to use thanks to them! I gotta admit it’s such a relief to have this problem fixed for now.

P.S.S. I got married this pass weekend!


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