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Why Should I Care About Upcycling?

Earth Day is a great way to encourage and remind ourselves that we must work to keep the earth clean in order for it to be here for generations to come. A lot of people try encouraging that we need to go clean up lakes, and plant a tree. Though these things are important, I… Continue reading Why Should I Care About Upcycling?

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6 Upcycling Projects for Earth Day

Earth Day is coming up soon, and I got to be honest it's one of my favorite holidays. It's an easy way to share fun projects that help reduce some of the pollution on the planet. Below are a couple projects that I've done here on the blog that are great ways to celebrate Earth… Continue reading 6 Upcycling Projects for Earth Day


Upcycled Totoro Pencil Holder

It is finally the last week of my spring semester! I can not wait for the freedom that summer holds in store for me! No longer will I have to study for classes! Well, for a couple of months anyways. But a break from such trials is nice, and I am very much looking forward… Continue reading Upcycled Totoro Pencil Holder


DIY Upcycling Coffee Containers

A few months ago I went to GenCon. While there I brought a large coffee maker with me because my motel did not have coffee, and I am a coffee lover who needs it everyday in order to function. (I know, it is a bad habit.) After the trip, I had a collection of coffee… Continue reading DIY Upcycling Coffee Containers