WIP: New Pet Project

Hello! Hope everyone's having a good week so far! How are your pet projects coming along? Hopefully they're going awesomely, but if not, don't fret. I've learned that most of the time mistakes help make the project more unique and personal. 🙂 Speaking of pet projects, I haven't completed my patterned cat from last weeks work in progress… Continue reading WIP: New Pet Project


Cosplay Update: Exemplar’s Jacket WIP

Hi bloggers and blog readers! This past week has been chaotic. I've been working on getting a new phone finally after 6 months of dealing with a cracked touch screen. I am so excited for the adventures I will be able to photograph with this new camera's phone! Not only that, but I have been… Continue reading Cosplay Update: Exemplar’s Jacket WIP


Art of the Day- An Octopus and A Rose

"He had heard that humans gave each other roses as a sign of friendship. Maybe this time his handler would understand how much he trusted her..." Isn't he cute?! I imagine he gets into a lot of trouble trying to become friends with humans. I mean, cephalopods, especially octopi, are the smartest invertebrates we know.… Continue reading Art of the Day- An Octopus and A Rose