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6 Tips to Making a Cheap Cosplay

Cosplaying is very popular in today’s convention culture. It can be used as ice breakers to start conversations with strangers, and to geek out with fellow fans of what you cosplay. If you are just getting started, you may not have the money to commission someone to create a costume for you. That’s okay. Here are a few things I’ve learned as ways to cosplay for cheap. These tips are also helpful when trying to come up with cheap Halloween costume ideas.

  1. Pick characters with everyday attire.
    Some of the cheapest but adorable cosplays will use everyday clothing. For example, characters from the Scott Pilgrim series, or most anime series, have such clothing.
  2. “Modernize” Characters.
    If there is a character you love, like a Disney princess, you could create an outfit you would expect them to wear in today’s fashion. Disneybound has some great examples of creating modernize Disney characters out of clothes from “your closet.”
  3. “AU” or Alternate Universe Characters.
    This is kinda similar to the idea above. If there’s a character you would love to cosplay but do not have the money to recreate their outfits, you can create an alternate universe version of them. Ohcararara creates punk fanart of a lot of pop culture characters. I found her to be very inspirational, which has helped me think of some great cosplay I would someday like to create.
  4. Accessories Matter.
    This will probably be the most expensive piece when designing a cosplay. Even with having a character that wears everyday clothing the accessories, make-up, and their hair will make them stand out and be recognizable.
  5. Sales, Goodwill, and Clearances.
    This can be the best way to collect the pieces of your cosplay for the cheapest. Of course, if any pieces are in your closet, that will help too.
  6. Do-It-Yourself.
    Using pinterest, or even google, can help you find other cosplayers and their creations. Some of these designs they have created are very low-cost and efficient. Here is my own collection of such DIY pins on one of my boards on Pinterest.

Do you have any tricks for creating awesome cosplays or outfits? Or do you have any questions about my tips? Be sure to comment below!

Please note that I am not sponsored to recommend these sites. This is my opinion of great sites to help inspire some great cosplays that will not cost you “an arm and a leg.”


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