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2017 Inktober Round-Up

This is Inktober!

This is Inktober!




I’ve already started on my list of Halloween-y movies to watch as October goes by. The first couple on my list were the Nightmare Before Christmas and Sleepy Hallow. I feel like these movies will help me get inspired for all the monsters I’ll be drawing the next few weeks for Inktober. Which officially started this pass Sunday!

In years past, I would only update my Instagram account with my progress on this art challenge. This year I thought I would do things a little differently. As the week progresses, this blog post will be updated each day with the latest InkTober drawing! So come back often to check on the latest creation for this art challenge!

October 1st

This one was inspired by a suggestion by KayCreate. She had suggested Lovecraftian monsters, and I always thought the Deep Ones never get enough artwork. So here is my version of H.P. Lovecrafts creation!

October 2nd

When I had asked for suggestions, Luke Welch noted about his chart to help you build a beast for this project. When I saw that a golem was on the list, I knew that a flesh golem would be perfect for this 2nd day prompt. As for the scene, I imagine she had gotten into an accident and her creator has been running around looking for the supplies needed to patch her up. Who knew a flesh golem would have so much maintenance?

October 3rd

Emily Knight, who has a beautiful art blog, suggested drawing dragons and other mythical creatures from lore. Though this guy ended up being a psuedodragon because I wanted him small, but I think he still counts as a dragon subspecies. He was very inspired by the poisonous frogs from the rainforest.

October 4th

Ever since I was little I’ve loved hearing tales of selkies, sirens, mermaids, and the like. The idea of people being able to live under the sea is such an alien idea to me. What wonders would they know that we’ve never seen? Would they tell us land folk to stop polluting the water with our plastics and the like?

I still haven’t given this mermaid a name, but since I’ve already drawn her twice I think it’s safe to say that I’m thinking of creating a story for her. So far I know she’s a treasure hunter that lost her forearm to a shark after a sunken ship collapse around her.

October 5th

For today’s artwork I wanted to experiment with drawing water. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to finish this piece, so I’m going to have to go back and complete it. But! At the very least it’ll be a fun surprise at the end of this challenge!


 October 8th

Inspired by the fairytales of ents, this one got in all forms crooked. Not only is the poor thing twisted in its form, but it’s mind got twisted as well thanks to a mad druid that experimented on it.

Now ents are usually only aggressive towards those who want to destroy its home. So usually they’re peaceful creatures. A fun fact I learned while trying to decide how I wanted to create this piece is that the term treant didn’t come about until Dungeons and Dragons in an early edition named their ents as such.

October 9th

For this drawing I couldn’t figure out how to represent the screeching noise that came out of the banshee’s mouth. When I finally had it sorted, I had an hour left in the day! So though I was a little late with this one, I think it was worth it.

October 31st


P.S. Feel free to link your InkTober creations in the comments below!


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