The Inktober Challenge!

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Back in 2009 Jake Parker created what is now known as InkTober, an art challenge to help improve his inking skills and create a positive drawing habit. Now it’s turned into a worldwide art challenge many artist accept. The rules are outlined on his official site, but I’ll try to explain it will quick below if you would like to join.

Rules of Inktober:

  • Create a drawing in Ink (you can use a pencil to draw it first).
  • Post it on your preferred social media.
  • Hashtag it with #inktober to share it and help inspire others.
  • Rinse and repeat.

I decided that this year I would try to accept this challenge again, and maybe be a little more committed to it. Do you have ideas for me to draw? Comment below! I’m thinking of maybe using this as an excuse to draw tons of fan art, but I haven’t decided yet. I think I’ll update each week the newest collection of inks.


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