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Monthly Round-Up: October 2017

Hi everyone! This month, like them all, flew by faster than I expected! In this monthly round-up I want to reflect on what's happened this past month here with ArtsyRobotz, and beyond! So let's get started! In The Journal: I shared my favorite Inktober Art Supplies. Which, after doing the challenge this year, I've decided… Continue reading Monthly Round-Up: October 2017

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Inktober Round-Up

This is Inktober! This is Inktober! Inktober! Inktober! Inktober! I've already started on my list of Halloween-y movies to watch as October goes by. The first couple on my list were the Nightmare Before Christmas and Sleepy Hallow. I feel like these movies will help me get inspired for all the monsters I'll be drawing… Continue reading Inktober Round-Up

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Inktober Supply Suggestions

Earlier this month I asked for assistance on what monsters I should draw. You all warmed my heart with all the wonderful suggestions. However, what made me the most excited was seeing in the comments how so many of you were also participating in Inktober! I can't wait to see all of the artwork this next… Continue reading Inktober Supply Suggestions

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FanArt Friday: Candle Knight

During my Bachelorette Party, my maid of honor brought up a podcast she thought I would love. We listened to a couple of episodes, and I got hooked. This podcast was created as an answer column for the modern era. The brothers jokes can be crude, so this is not for everyone. But they joke… Continue reading FanArt Friday: Candle Knight

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Calling for Assistance with Inktober!

Next month starts one of my favorite art challenges, Inktober! Created by Jake Parker, this is a month-long challenge to work on your inking technique! If you would like to learn more about the rules, head to my post about the Inktober Challenge! The other day the official prompts of Inktober, created by Jake Parker,… Continue reading Calling for Assistance with Inktober!

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Monthly Round-Up: August 2017

Hey y'all! It's time for another monthly round-up! I had the honor of getting to go with a group of friends to Gen Con this year. It was such a blast getting to meet so many of my internet friends as well as talking to some of the bigger influencers' in the board gaming industry.… Continue reading Monthly Round-Up: August 2017

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Work In Progress: Alavara Draxid, the Sun Elf Sorcereress

Alavara was training to be the next House Mage of the Draxid family, but due to a series of unfortunate events she lost the opportunity. What will she do now? In today's post I share some rough sketches of my next D&D character.

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Art Tips Learned At Gen Con 2017!

Gen Con is a time for playing tabletop games and spending time with fellow geeks. It's also a great place to learn tips to improve your art! (Many of the tips can be applied to any career really.) In today's blog, I share some of my top favorites I heard during the con.

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A Month Without A Laptop

My laptop died, but I think I know how to make this lemon into some great lemonade!


Articuno Sighting! (Also Known As Pokemon Go Had An Update!)

Please tell me that I'm not the only one who has game apps that just kinda stay on your phone. When you first get the app you play it constantly until the "honeymoon" phase ends. You know you'll pick it back up and play the app for like a week straight then not touch for… Continue reading Articuno Sighting! (Also Known As Pokemon Go Had An Update!)